Our Strength is Information Technology

With over 15 years of experience…

we have been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand the relationship between information technology and business operations, we are uniquely positioned to help your business grow and implement changes. There is no problem too big, nor project too small. Further, we understand that as a growing business you are most interested in cost effective and timely results. Our promise is to efficiently get to know your business, make an assessment, devise and implement a solution that fits your business.

Our Pricing Is Based on Return on Investment

No solution is the same, because no business is the same. We don’t sell packaged solutions, because your business isn’t a commodity. So most of our packages are built with the customer in mind. But the future of pricing is based on return on investment – meaning we won’t build something, if you don’t make more money on its implementation – it’s that simple.


About Us


Joe Cox Partner linkedin

Joe graduated from Tufts University in Boston where he obtained a degree in Social and Industrial Psychology. Fascinated with computers from a young age (ask him about his first Apple IIc), he went on to specialize in process optimization, information architecture, and automation focusing on how the digital world impacts workflows and processes. Merging both disciplines to provide more efficient business models is something he strives to help every client with.

Joe got his start at Kimberly Clark and has spent many years consulting and building systems and solutions for both small and large corporations to create more efficient operational processes. He has worked in a variety of industries but is most notably experienced in health care having pioneered the technology behind Cyprus Care’s online insurance claims portal which helped them raise millions of dollars in venture capital.

He is passionate about education, traveling to warm places and helping others whenever he can. He tries to find time for at least one annual ski trip, and hitting the driving range.



Laura Robichaux Partner linkedin

Laura graduated from Louisiana State University in 2007 with a degree in Finance and Communication Studies. She went on to obtain a position at Ernst & Young (EY) as a Senior Consultant in their Advisory Services division. During her time at EY, she worked with industry leaders in the technology, consumer products, banking and manufactoring industries to redefine their business process and operations in order to reduce their financial risks and increase their operating efficiency.

She learned a tremendous amount during her time at EY, but decided to leave the firm in pursuit of greater growth and development. As the daughter of a life-long entrepenure, you could say founding a company of her own, Aviisa, was just in her blood.

Laura has a thorough understanding of the relationship between information technology and business operations. Laura has also worked on a freelance basis to assist companies with establishing an online presense, brand development, and coached businesses on how to use information technology to their benefit.

She’s also passionate about health & wellness, nutrition and travel. In 2012, she became a certified yoga teacher (200RYT) and currently teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.



The Network

With a large network at our fingertips, we can scale to your project needs. We have several relationships with not only top-tier developers, project managers, coders, database designers, graphic artists salesforce developers, and many many more, but we also have access to several key networks that scale past that. Basically, we can design and build your design to your exact specification and pricepoint. This is the power of the network



A Mobile Location

Our main location is in Atlanta, Georgia, so if your business is in Atlanta it is much easier for us to have in-person meetings; and we like to take advantage of that.

However at Hub 9 Networks, we belive in mobility. We have clients that are in locations all across the country. With all of the amazing advances in communications technology, it allows us to work effectively with our clients. We use screensharing, telephone, IM, email, and even video conferencing with common and simple tools.